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im sorry it took so long, i've been really busy. between family problems, being sick (i have the flu), and the weekend... things got delayed. but im back (for the moment) and ready to go! haha.

and now, to what you've all been waiting for:

you guys keep getting better, i swear. the blends were sooo damn good this time. anything but easy for me! :)


for all participants:

good job guys! =]

1st place is awarded to:

angelina: i love the colors, they're different from what you normally see. that font is one of my favorites, so that also helped. and the pictures you chose go wonderfully together. good job! (if your name isn't angelina, let me know and i'll change the award!)

2nd place is awarded to:

vblackangelv: what a pretty blend! i love the soft pink & yellow gradient you used. the way you pointed out her eyes and lips is also very nice. if you would've added a border around the image, it might've even stole 1st place. (i forgot your name, so tell me it and i'll fix the award. unless you dont mind having "black angel" written on it. sorry about that! :X

the most original is awarded to:

_7214: very original! i have never seen a blend like this one before. the cut outs look great, and the fonts you used are awesome!

viewer's choice is awarded to:

mistress_mab: good job hun!

congratulations to everyone! give yourself a pat on the back cuz you rock. :)

for the next contest, i hope you guys don't mind but we're doing pamela anderson. a lot of you voted for her last time so i figured it'd be cool to grant your wish!
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