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i extended both contests by 5 more days. i didn't receive many entries; not nearly as many as last time. i guess i let you guys down since it took me forever to post the awards. im sorry about that, it was a very busy time for me. i hope you're not like, holding a grudge because i fucked up once.

i'd really appreciate it if some of you guys could participate because this community is nothing without the members. :( i understand that you're busy with school & whatnot, but you don't have to submit a masterpiece! just take like a half an hour out of your day to create something. or do a little one day, a little the next, and so on... until it's finished. a lot of the times, the simple graphics win the awards anyway -- so it's worth a shot.

there's 225 members in this community. what are you all doing? picking your ass? lol. im j/k.

seriously though, don't let me down guys. please. =/
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