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i hope everyone had a really great halloween. mine kinda sucked cuz i didn't dress up. :( oh well, there's always next year...

you can find the halloween awards

as usual, you guys didn't disappoint with your graphics. ;) click on the awards to see which graphic won that particular award.

contest #8

1st place is awarded to:

natatree: everything about this blend is perfect. i LOVE the way the photo's are arranged. i especially love the vampire teeth at the top corner; it adds such a good effect. even the colors are perfect.

2nd place is awarded to:

elation: i love the different effects you used! the text works great with the theme. really nice blend :)

3rd place is awarded to:

_intuition_: this is definitely an awesome blend. the grungy border looks really cool. i really like what you've done with this. good job. (i hope you like the award!)

contest #9

1st place is awarded to:

elation: the colors you used are so pretty! cool effects as well.

2nd place is awarded to:

natatree: im liking the pastel colors you chose. it looks really cute. =]

congratulations! dont forget to tell me if you like your awards! hehe. im gonna be starting another contest... probably within the next day or so. it's gonna be something different; i think you'll like it a lot. :)
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