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rock that ass

UPDATE: im extending the due date for this contest. i haven't received enough entries. :/ what happened guys? we were doing so good. i need at least 3 more entries. so now is the time to get motivated and make a damn blend! haha.

time for the 3rd contest... featuring the hot & sexy pamela anderson.

for the pictures you need to use & information:

CONTEST: #3 // sex bomb
STARTS: august 25th
ENDS: september 4th

below, you will find a link that contains 7 galleries of pamela anderson. out of these, you must use at least two of the pictures to create your blend. the blend must be at least 250x250 pixels, but no larger than 600x600 pixels. when you're finished your blend, upload your graphic to a reliable source, such as here or here. after you've uploaded your blend, get the URL for where the image is located. it's not hard to figure out where the image is, but if you simply cannot do it, you can email me the blend as an attachment.

you must email me your NAME, LIVEJOURNAL NAME, and the URL OF THE IMAGE. (or an attachment, if you MUST.)

all mail goes to:

caution: there might be slight nudity. (not in her pictures, in the ads on the site.)

here are your pictures: (only use the pictures of her from these galleries; if you cheat and use a different picture, i will know.)


tell your friends!

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