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entries & VOTING !#%^

this time things are gonna be a bit different. im sorry if im confusing, i've been having limited access to a computer lately. please bare with me!

ok, you are now allowed to vote. choose your 2 favorite blends; you may vote for yourself if you wish. comment to this entry stating which 2 blends are your absolute favorite. (ex: entry #1, entry #6)

awards will be announced as soon as possible. this means you may have a few extra days to vote. it also means you'll be preparing yourself for the next contest, right!?! ;D

it is your responsibility to keep your image active on whichever server you posted it on. if any of these images don't work, it is not my fault. if you find that your image doesn't show up, email me immediately and give me your new image URL.

i have received only 9 entries this time. :(

they are from: voodoo_, spoiledchic269, joykinz, sinecure, evilmaske69, vblackangelv, natatree, amz_da_angel, and cherrycokerocks.

entry #1 entry #2 entry #3 entry #4 entry #5 entry #6 entry #7 entry #8 entry #9

remember, you may now vote. woohoo!

and although i received fewer entries, i think the quality of the blends has gotten SO MUCH better. you guys are improving... and im so proud! *sniffles*

also, tell me which celebrity you'd LOVE to do for the next contest. we need way more participation than this, so try to think of someone that everybody would love to work with.
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