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hopefully these 2 contests will be very successful! much different, due to the occasion of halloween that is approaching.... ;)

for the pictures you need to use & information:

please read everything carefully.

CONTEST: #8 // halloween
STARTS: october 20th
ENDS: november 1st

this contest is MUCH different from the past. it gives you a chance to show off your creativity and imagination. i hope you will take advantage of this opportunity, instead of treating it like a last minute project. now, i'll explain everything to you. since it's halloween, i wanted to try something very different. instead of me providing pictures of a certain celebrity for you, you can chose whomever you like. but, (this is the tricky part) the celebrity must have some sort of outfit or look to them that you could say "OH look! she's wearing a halloween costume! she's cinderella!" here's another example. you could find a bunch of pictures of britney spears in a catholic school girl uniform and write on it "catholic school girl". im urging you NOT to rush through this and find plain boring pictures. try to find the craziest pics you can! go nuts! the most creative blend has the highest chance of winning. do you get it? i hope so. i made an example (not so good, but you should get the point)

see, i found a few pictures of heather graham, looking like a hooker. so, for halloween, she is a hooker. i hope this all makes sense to you. if you have ANY questions, comment to this post and ask. it's much better to find out, rather than do this all wrong.

ALSO: this is still a blend competition, so you must use 2 or more pictures of the particular celebrity in costume that you choose. the blend must be at least 250x250 pixels, but no larger than 600x600 pixels. when you're finished your blend, upload your graphic to a reliable source, such as here, here, or here. after you've uploaded your blend, get the URL for where the image is located. it's not hard to figure out where the image is, but if you simply cannot do it, you can email me the blend as an attachment.

08-yourname-ljname. (example: 08-nikki-t0nguetwistr.jpg) remember, you're allowed to submit .jpg's, .gif's, or .png's.

you must email me your NAME, LIVEJOURNAL NAME, and the URL OF THE IMAGE. (or an attachment, if you MUST.)

all mail goes to:

CONTEST: #9 // rachel leigh cook in costume - add effects
STARTS: october 20th
ENDS: november 1st

below you will find 2 blends of rachel leigh cook in costume. she's a rockstar in one and a hippy in the other! :D out of these 2, you must choose only 1 to add effects to. you may not remove any of the pictures or add any of your own. you can change the colors, add borders, patterns, filters, text, etc. but remember, you cannot change the actual pictures of liv tyler. if you're still not getting it, leave a comment and i'll try my best to explain it to you. im sure the other members would be willing to help you as well.

follow the same directions as you would for any other contest, email me your name, username, and blend URL.

09-yourname-ljname. (example: 09-nikki-t0nguetwistr.jpg) remember, you're allowed to submit .jpg's, .gif's, or .png's.

IF YOU'RE CONFUSED, DO NOT HESITATE TO ASK QUESTIONS. good luck! this should be really fun for you. ;]
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